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Pet Transportation Service - Spain

Traveling to Spain With a Dog or Cat from USA?

Pet Transport Pro is Spain’s first-class, all-inclusive pet transport service. Whether you’re moving to Spain with a dog, moving to or from Madrid or any destination in Spain, we’re here to serve your pet travel needs. Pet Transport Pro provides pet shipping services to Spain with the utmost care and attention to detail. 

At Pet Transport Pro, our industry-leading team can custom fit a plan to meet all of your particular pet transport needs and provide all that is needed for your pet’s safe transport to Spain. We offer relocation and international pet transportation to Spain from the USA. 

Need Pet Transportation To Spain?

Below are the requirements for pet transportation to Spain

These are the basic requirements for pet transport to Spain. These pet transportation requirements are listed for informational purposes only. Please give us a call to confirm all of the preparations needed for your pet's transport to Spain.

What to expect when taking a dog or pet to Spain with Pet Transport Pro

Expert knowledge of Spain’s pet travel requirements

Highest quality services handled entirely in-house

Unique upgrades and specialized plans

We honor special requests

Constant communication throughout your pet’s journey (when service is available)

International Pet Transport to Spain

If you are moving a pet to Madrid, Spain, or any destination in Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, we go there! We make pet transport to Spain easy. You and your family can trust in our second-to-none pet transport services. Pet Transport Pro offers many options for your pets transport to Spain.

Our services include home pickups, deliveries, preparation of all veterinary documents, USDA services, full import and export services, and much, much more. We’ve built relationships with international animal centers and agents throughout the world’s busiest airports. 

Moving pets overseas, especially throughout Europe, is our specialty. Europe is one of our busiest destinations, and we have decades of experience transporting pets both to and from Europe.

Consider reaching out to us via call or email to get further details on our world-class international pet transport services.

Spain Pet Shipping Service

Serving All Of The Airports in Spain That Accept Pets

We want to be your pet transporter! We provide all services in house within the USA. Your pet is moved by direct employees and owners of Pet Transport Pro. 

Pet Transport Pro will never handle your pet using third-party services. Our clients expect expert levels of care when moving their pets, and we’re here to provide it. We have a long history of satisfied customers that love the level of service and care we provide their pets during their journey. 

Know Your Pet Transporter

Who is Pet Transport Pro? Anthony, our founder, has been in the pet transportation business since 1997. He’s been featured on Nat Geo Wild’s “We Move Animals,” and has logged enough annual pet travel miles to have circled the globe over 3 times! 

Anthony and the PTP team have been bringing dogs and cats into (and out of) Spain for decades. Our in-house employees and owners will be handling your pet with care. We provide you with regular updates (including photos) and we will show you how to track your pets journey while in the air.

How much does it cost to ship a pet to Spain?

At Pet Transport Pro, we will custom fit a plan to meet all of your particular pet transport needs and provide all that is needed for your pet’s safe transport to Spain. The cost of taking a dog or other pet into Spain depends on factors including breed, size, age, and special needs. Tell us a bit more about your travel plans, and we can put together an estimate for your travel. 

Pet Transport Services We Offer in Spain

When moving a pet to Spain, Pet Transport Pro is your #1 option. We offer some of the best pet transportation and shipping services in the world. 

Below, you’ll find options for relocating and moving your pet to most global destinations. Our services are custom tailored to you and your pet’s needs. 

  • First-hand knowledge of travel requirements to Spain
  • Pickup and delivery directly to and from your home
  • Assistance with travel plans, including booking and routing
  • Help with preparing required international veterinary documentation and vet services
  • Supplying proper crates and kennels for airline travel (including custom crates!)
  • USDA services
  • Import and export services for transport of your pet to and from Spain
  • Domestic pet transport to and from Spain
  • International pet transport to and from Spain

Remember that we honor special requests — If you’ve got something that will make your pet’s travels easier, we’re ready to account for it!