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Pet Transport to London, UK

Moving to London With a Dog or Cat?

Pet Transport Pro provides door-to-door pet shipping services to London, England. We provide transport services to all of the UK’s major commercial airports in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. London-Heathrow is one of our top destinations, where we have good relationships with the staff who operate the airport’s animal centers.   

Our team of industry-leading pet professionals can help you every step of the way with transporting your pet both to London.

Pet Transport to London - Dog Transport to England

Below Are The Requirements For Pet and Dog Transport to London, England

Requirements to Transport a Pet to England – Dogs and Cats

These are the general preparations needed for pet transport to London, England. These requirements are listed for informational purposes only, and the rules change quite often. Please check with us for all up to date travel requirements for your pets travel to any and all worldwide destinations where pets are welcome.

What to expect from our team of pet transportation experts 

  • An extensively experienced and qualified team
  • Emphasis on pet comfort and safety
  • Honoring special requests
  • Communication during your pet’s journey (when possible)

International Pet Transport To London, England

Pet transport to England. Pet Transport Pro provides world-class pet shipping and pet transport service to London, England, one of the most popular international destinations. Our team has extensive experience in preparing, planning, and executing door-to-door pet transport to and from London. 

We will hand walk you through the entire process of your pet’s move to London — from nose to tail, we like to say. From pickups and deliveries to proper documentation preparation and flight bookings, our world-class expert pet transport team will be there to minimize the stress of your pet’s move.

Moving pets to the UK is one of our specialties. We have a long list of happy clients that we’ve successfully helped with moving their pets. 

USA to London Pet Shipping Service 

Pet transport services to the United Kingdom.

All pet transportation services to London, England, are personally handled by Pet Transport Pro employees from the United States. We do not and will never hire third-party handlers for your pets. You have our professional guarantee on that. 

All of Pet Transport Pro’s services are handled in house without any use of third parties within the US. This is the level of professionalism that we know our clients expect for their pets, and we are here to provide our clients with peace of mind when moving a pet to the UK. 

Know Your Pet Transporter

Anthony, who you may recognize from Nat Geo Wild’s “We Move Animals”  began moving pets in 1997. Anthony’s average annual pet travel miles are about the same as circling the globe 3.7 times. 

Pet Transport Pro takes a personal touch on your pet’s journey. As we move your pet, we will provide updates and photos. With our company you will receive consistent communication throughout your pets travel to the UK. 

How much does it cost to ship a pet to or from London?

This will depend greatly on your specific travel needs and the size or breed of your pet. Therefore, there isn’t a “one size fits all” answer to pet transportation prices. However, if you tell us a bit more about your specific needs, we can start to put together a quote for your particular move. 

Pet Transport Services We Offer to London

When moving dogs to London, Pet Transport Pro is the best

Below, you’ll find some of the different types of services that we offer when relocating your pet to London or abroad to most international destinations. We’ll work with you to build a custom tailored plan to fit your needs. 

  • Pick-ups and deliveries to your home
  • Assistance in flight bookings and routing
  • Proper airline-approved, custom crates and kennels for air travel
  • Assistance in collection of required veterinary documents and vet services
  • USDA services
  • Import and export services for the transportation of your pet 
  • Domestic pet transport within the UK to and from London
  • International pet transportation to and from London, England

We honor special requests! If your pet’s journey requires a special touch, we’re ready to make their experience as great as it can be!