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Pet Transport PRO: Domestic and International Dog Transport Company

Pet Transport PRO: Domestic and International Dog Transport Company

At Pet Transport Pro, we are pet owners and animal lovers ourselves, so we understand the stress you feel when moving your furry family members. We created our service to eliminate this stress and worry, and reunite beloved pets with their adoring families everywhere in the world.

Pet Transport PRO provides domestic and international dog transport services, door to door across the country and around the world. Pet Transport Pro offers these services:

  • Dog courier services
  • Dog delivery services
  • Dog ground transport services
  • Dog relocation services
  • Dog transporters

When you need to ship a dog, you want a shipper who’ll take care of everything. You can feel confident knowing our team has everything covered. From airline bookings and route planning, to veterinary requirements and travel kennels, our team will make your dog shipping experience safe, worry-free, and comfortable. 

One of our goals is offering the highest level of service in the dog transport industry at any price point. 

Across Country & International Dog Shippers

International dog transport

International dog shipping is our specialty. When shipping a dog internationally, many countries have specific requirements that must be met in order for your pet to enter. Some countries require extensive preparations that must be handled in a specific timeframe. Our team of experts know the rules, regulations, and requirements for every country. We will prepare your dog for international travel and walk you through the entire process. We prepare your dogs’ paperwork to meet all unique, requirements for specific countries. 

Cross-country dog mover

If you need to ship a dog across the country, Pet Transport PRO has you covered there, too. We can safely and easily move your dog door to door anywhere in the USA.

Dog Transportation By Air

Pet Transport PRO handles all airline reservations, pickup, delivery, boarding and in-flight details that your dog will require. If your dog is a “banned breed,” or too large to fly, we offer domestic ground transportation. 

Is there a weight limit for dogs?

There is no weight limit for our dog transportation services. If your dog is 18 pounds or under, it may travel in-cabin with a pet nanny (personal dog transporter) upon request. 

Where is the pet located during travel? 

We can answer that better when we know more about your dog. Some dogs are small enough that they qualify for in-cabin, escorted travel. Larger dogs may travel in the hold, which is an area for luggage and cargo. However, many airlines accommodate pets in the hold, so the area is temperature controlled and pressurized for pets’ comfort.  

Do you ship dogs to all locations in the US and internationally? 

We travel to most areas of the U.S. and dog-friendly countries, including throughout Europe. If you tell us more about your travel plans, we can answer that question specifically.

Who will be flying with the pet?

Most international flights require pets to fly as cargo. Dogs over 18 lbs do not fit underneath the seat. For smaller dogs, we can arrange for someone to accompany in-flight.

How is a dog’s food and water handled during longer flights?

Water is available at all times, as the airlines require dogs to have access to two water dishes. Dry food travels attached to the top of the crate in zip-close bags taped to the top of the kennel. The dog’s name, dates, and destinations are taped to the crate and are scannable by airline personnel. 

Do you offer pet transport year-round, even during peak holiday times?

We offer our pet shipping service year-round, even during busy holiday seasons; however, we do not offer the services on major holiday days, including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve and Day. Some airlines may impose restrictions around holiday travel as well.

Do airlines require specific types of dog crates?

They do, and we can answer this better when we know more about your dog and your travel plans. Requirements vary by airline and destination.

Do you sedate pets before they travel?

Generally, it is not recommended to sedate your dog before it travels. If your dog needs anything, over-the-counter chamomile or CBD might help calm them. Talk to your veterinarian and your Pet Transport PRO coordinator if your dog has anxiety. 

Ground Transportation For Dogs

Ground transportation within the U.S. is ideal for banned breeds, snub-nose dog breeds, and dogs that have health issues that don’t do well by plane. If you need to ship your dog to another state, Pet Transport PRO will get them there safely and comfortably.

Is there a pet limit per vehicle?

We don’t do group travel or shared rides with other pet owners, if that is what you’re asking. We transport your dog, one client at a time. If you have more than one dog, let’s talk about it when you get a quote.

Who does the driving? Do you outsource dog haulers?

Your dogs’ drivers are direct employees of Pet Transport PRO. You’ll learn more about your driver during the reservation process, and during transport, you’ll have each other’s contact information. 

How often are pets walked during the trip?

Dogs are walked 3 times every 24-hour span. For most domestic road trips, dogs do well with just water; food can upset their digestive systems. Your dog’s comfort and safety is our priority, so we will go over the details for your unique situation during our onboarding call.  

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Answers to Misc FAQs About Canine Transport

Do you transport puppies?

Pet Transport PRO specializes in transporting family dogs, whether the owner is moving to a new state or country, or traveling for business or pleasure and can’t accommodate their pets. We are not in the business of transporting animals for commerce. If you have a puppy that you need to transport, we handle that on a case-by-case basis. Call us (844-PET-SHIP) or complete the get-a-quote process to tell us more.    

What communication do you provide before, during and after my dog’s travel?

We don’t use GPS. You’ll receive updates and pictures upon checking in at the airport. You’ll be able to track flights, just like you do for your own travel. Direct contact with the driver by text or phone calls.

Does UPS ship dogs or animals?

We get this question once in a while, as people are looking for cheap dog shipping companies. UPS does not ship mammals, including dogs. The best way to ship your dog is through a pet transportation company that specializes in moving pets.  

Pet Transport PRO Dog Shipping Services

  • Home pickups and deliveries worldwide
  • Flight booking
  • Preparation and handling of all paperwork for worldwide transport of dogs
  • USDA services
  • Domestic and international health certification
  • Coordination of pet transport from start to finish
  • All sizes of kennels and custom kennels
  • All route planning and management
  • Import services wherever pets are accepted worldwide
  • Boarding services