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Let Pet Transport Pro lighten the stress of a big move with our international pet transport and domestic pet shipping services. We deliver your pets with the utmost care, handling every detail from pick-up to delivery. You can safely move abroad or across the country and trust that your pet will be cared for throughout the journey to your new home. We do NOT use domestic third-party handlers. All pet transport and pet shipping services are handled in house by animal lovers who are direct employees and owners of our company. As members of IPATA, Pet Transport Pro is known for proving excellent domestic and international pet transport services. You can trust us to handle and oversee all aspects of your pet’s domestic or international relocation. 

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Pet Transport

Every year, we safely transport hundreds of pets thousands of miles domestically and internationally (average annual miles = circling the globe 3.7 times!). We know the ins and outs of size and breed limitations, do’s and don’ts, vaccination requirements, and all the details that go into your pet’s comfort during the move, whether it’s by ground or by air.          

Pet Shipping

Not only do we frequently transport pets internationally, but we’ve built relationships with people who operate animal centers, including London-Heathrow, one of the busiest airports in the world. Our top international destinations for pet relocation include: U.K., Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore, UAE (Dubai) and Jakarta.

Pet Transportation

Pet Transport Pro offers pet shipping services internationally and domestically. We will prioritize your pet’s comfort and recommend ground or air transportation based on its weight, size, breed and destination. And, yes, we move cats as well. We handle the details and update you regularly, so you can focus on your part of the move with one less worry.

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Our founder starred in a television show about pet transport and pet shipping on Nat Geo Wild. Please give us a call or send us an email to learn more about the endless pet shipping service options we offer for your pets travel worldwide. Call today to find out why so many happy pet parents trust Pet Transport PRO for all of their pet shipping needs.

Pet Transport Pro Reviews

Please take a look at our real customer reviews which will demonstrate our commitment to the comfort and safety of your pets while in our care.

“Pet Transport Pro was amazing with our sweet rescue Reni from New York to Barcelona. Anthony specifically was so thorough with so many details by phone before the process paper work even began – and he personally followed through with each and every step with the paper work, logistics etc. Also, his calm and kind demeanor was very reassuring to feel and see the day he came to pick Reni up. And a few hours after landing, we saw our Reni at our front door in Barcelona waggy tailed! Amazing. Thank you” 

“Anthony and his team were a godsend. Getting our pup to Europe was a source of massive anxiety and Pet Transport Pro made a difficult situation easy, seamless, and relaxing. HIGHLY recommended. Can not overstate”

“AMAZING. Anthony moved my dog and I to London securely and safely during a pandemic, with threats of a airport strike. He was incredbily patient with me while I asked my questions, and kept me informed the entire time, from the first day I called him to the last day when we arrived in England. Thank you Anthony , I am so grateful to you and all who you work with.”

We Are Pet Transportation Experts

Pet Transport Pro prides itself on having true professional and seasoned pet transport experts who are knowledgeable in the field. We will ensure the safety and comfort of your pet while traveling and carefully plan out the logistics so that you can be reunited with your pet as soon as possible. Your pet’s safety and well-being are our #1 priority. While you focus on your move door to door, we’ll handle every part of your pet’s move, nose to tail (get it?).

Answers to Frequently Asked Pet Transport Questions

There is no denying that moving from one place to another is a stressful and tiring event, and that also goes the same for your pets. We take out the stress in pet moving by offering home pickups, which are convenient and will provide some relief to the pet owner. We also offer door-to-door delivery worldwide!

Air travel will be somewhat challenging for your pets because there is a restriction that the cities you travel through need temperatures lower than 80 degrees (Fahrenheit), and most locations can tend to be warmer than that. Often, pets are stored in the plane’s cargo section, where temperatures cannot be controlled. Airlines also have certain breed restrictions, and they cannot accept all pets. If you are unsure of what to do, you can contact Pet Transport Pro for options, and we will help plan the best possible route for your pet, even if it is across the country! 

As fellow pet lovers, the Pet Transport Pro team prides itself on providing the safest and most comfortable way to transport your pets. We want to make sure that this experience will be stress-free and hassle-free for your pets.

We can accommodate special requests for your pet. We can customize a travel plan or itinerary for your pet while moving and incorporate their special requests to always keep them comfortable. Whatever your dog’s needs, personality, or quirks, we accommodate special requests for how you would care for your dog while traveling to your destination.

The specific rate will vary on several factors: ground vs. airline shipping, distance covered while shipping, the type of pet, and numbers of pets.

Our prices are competitive, and in your consultation with us, we can go over the pricing options and find the best option for your pet that meets your budget. Contact us now for a free quote!

Depending on your destination, we suggest booking international pet travel within 30 days of your desired move date. In most cases 10 days is plenty of time to make a booking with our service. In general, we would recommend booking your pet’s travel within 30-60 days of travel. Please always check with us in advance as some international pet travel requires weeks or months of preparation.

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