How To Prepare Your Pet for Moving Overseas

How To Prepare Your Pet for Moving Overseas

So you’re moving overseas, the movers have arrived to begin packing up your belongings.

Relocating overseas can be an exhilarating experience, but not one without proper preparation. You’re probably wondering, what about my pet?

Having a pet moving overseas requires a little more preparation. Continue reading for seven ways on how to prepare your pet for moving overseas.

1. Pet Moving Overseas

Moving overseas can be an exciting adventure. Planning is essential to avoid any pitfalls along the way throughout the moving process.

It is important to find out as much information as possible regarding moving with a pet in the process of relocating to another country.

First, reach out to the embassy or consulate of the country you are relocating to find more information on moving overseas with pets. You want to ensure you have the most up-to-date information before beginning your journey.

Create a timeline of steps that need to be taken before the travel day. Some steps in the process of moving overseas with your pet may require a waiting period. Keep in mind, having a pet moving overseas will typically require a quarantine period.

pet relocation service can assist you with your overseas destination’s quarantine requirements.

2. Prepare Early

After determining the requirements of moving overseas with your pet, be sure to prepare early. Contact your local veterinarian and make sure your fluffy friend is up to date on all vaccinations. Have your veterinarian create a document clearing your pet for overseas travel.

Keep in mind the airline may require additional documentation. To be best prepared, carry multiple copies of these documents with you, just in case the unexpected happens.

Creating a digital copy to keep on your cell phone is also advisable.

An overseas relocation binder is also a great way to carry physical copies of required documents to help keep you and your furry companion organized.

Some countries may require your pet to be microchipped before moving with a pet. Prepare early, ensuring that you have all of your pet’s required documents ahead of time.

3. Stay Up To Date

Rules and regulations regarding moving overseas with your pet are subject to change. If you do not prepare properly and give yourself enough time, this could be a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Pet transportation experts recommend planning for 3-6 months before moving with your pet. Routinely connect with your pet transportation specialist in staying current with rules and regulations.

4. Work With A Pet Transportation Company

A pet transportation company can be a valuable tool in assisting you with your pet relocation needs. A great pet transportation company can assist you with the entire process, from planning to researching any rules and regulations your incoming country may require.

A pet transportation company can assist you with making sure your pet is properly prepared for the journey.

A few services a pet transportation company can help you with include:

  • Staying current on regulations
  • Assisting you with required documentation
  • Coordinating your pets veterinary needs
  • Finding a pet-friendly airline
  • Travel kennel recommendations

Most pet transportation companies will have an outline of their services, including pricing, available online.

Customized itineraries are also available to meet any specific pet transportation needs you may have.

Be sure to confirm an approximate total estimate with your pet transportation specialist.

5. Contact Your Airline

Moving overseas with a pet requires a lot of research and patience. Be sure to reach out to your airline of choice, ask about their guidelines on traveling with pets internationally. Your airline should be able to help you determine what pet carrier or kennel size you may need for pet transportation.

Ask any questions you may have, determine if your pet can travel in a pet carrier under your seat or if a travel kennel will need to be purchased. Your airline may be able to help you with additional recommendations in moving with a pet.

6. Purchase A Travel Kennel

Once you have determined your pet travel kennel requirements, it’s time to purchase a travel kennel. Your pet will be required to travel in an airline-approved kennel or pet carrier. Before moving overseas with your pet, it is important to acclimate your pet to the kennel or carrier before starting your travel journey.

To have the smoothest travel experience possible, create a positive association with your pet’s new kennel well before your planned departure date. Your pet should consider his or her travel kennel to be a safe, inviting environment. Pet transportation experts suggest putting your pet’s favorite toy or blanket inside the kennel.

Feed your pet treats or meals inside the kennel. Have your pet sleep in the kennel at night, so your pet will begin to consider this space safe.

Your pet’s comfort is also an important factor to keep in mind. You will want to ensure the travel kennel you purchase meets all necessary guidelines and is comfortable for your pet.

7. Create A Checklist

In most cases, moving is always stressful. Moving overseas is no exception, requiring much more thought and preparation. Create a checklist in advance of everything you need or need to take care of before your prearranged overseas flight.

Moving internationally can be a lengthy process. Creating a checklist can ensure that you don’t forget anything for yourself or your pet. If you don’t feel like creating your own checklist, the internet is full of moving, with pet checklist templates that you can use and modify as needed.

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Trying to navigate through planning and the process of relocating overseas can be a lot to handle. Your pet moving overseas doesn’t have to be a complicated process.

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